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Always with care – and a smile

Always with care – and a smile

Work hard to get far

My time as a student wasn't exactly conventional. I had previously completed another degree, which meant that I was able to go to Germany as an exchange student already after the first year. I completed half of my three years of study abroad and the other half in Finland. All this was possible thanks to good cooperation with teachers and the possibility of completing courses as online study. I received all the support I needed.

Obviously, hard work was also required from my part. I drew up a good plan, had it approved by Haaga-Helia and did my bit. I always do my work with care and a smile. After my exchange period, I did a work placement at the Finnish embassy in Berlin. Haaga-Helia provided easy access to exchange and work placement periods abroad. Students from Haaga-Helia have a good reputation. A number of students have completed work placements at embassies.

After the work placement, I started working on my thesis, which was a project commissioned by the embassy. At the same time, I completed Haaga-Helia's courses online as well as courses via Finnish Online UAS. I also temped at the Finnish embassy in Vienna, and I have worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Helsinki. This is exactly what I want: a career at the Foreign Ministry is my dream. Each job at the ministry has led to another one: I am now about to take a post at the embassy in Vienna.

I am a cheerful and active person. I love working with people, and I am motivated by new experiences and challenges. I applied to Haaga-Helia in Helsinki because of the Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants. The programme description seemed like an exact match with my ambitions and what I felt I'm good at. As it turned out, it was exactly that. The best thing was the programme as a whole – everything worked.

Lisa Kestilä

Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants 2013–2016
BBA/Tradenomi (AMK)