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Our customer service principles

Our customer service principles
  1. Everyone is welcome at the library! All visitors are received with a greeting.
  2. We have a positive attitude towards our visitors and colleagues.
  3. Our actions and services are based on the current library rules and mutually agreed principles. We value doing together.
  4. We serve our customers with professionalism, without discrimination and with minimum delay.
  5. We are friendly and helpful even when busy.
  6. We communicate clearly and precisely.
  7. We serve all our customers equally, taking into account their varying needs.
  8. We support initiative among our customers.
  9. We provide our customers with clean, well functioning premises as well as the latest equipment. We ensure that the library's atmosphere is appropriately peaceful.
  10. We listen to our customers and actively collect feedback from them. Feedback received is used to improve our services.
  11. Customers who visit the library are served first.
  12. Emails are answered as soon as possible, at least within 24 hours during library opening hours.
  13. We don’t leave our customers alone with their problems, but provide them with the help and guidance they need.