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Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo

Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo

Passion for Sales?

Salespeople are always needed in global businesses regardless of economic trends. Sales jobs today are consultative, professional challenges that require solid business skills but also strong people-orientation. Hardworking sales professionals can count on a fast career track, versatile working days and a generous compensation for the strategic work they do, and for the added value they create for the company.

In the DP in International Sales and Marketing the students are exposed to an inspiring and unique learning environment where they have to step out of their comfort zone, take on different roles, encounter people, learn to listen and understand customer needs, identify opportunities, and create solutions together with the customers.

Bachelors of Business Administration have strong professional skills in the following fields:

  • Business and Entrepreneurial competences
  • Sales and Service competences
  • Personal and Professional Growth competences

Learning takes place in meaningful and challenging real business projects in multicultural teams. These commissioner contacts help students develop their professional networks during the studies, which is the key to employability in today´s business. The right attitude and motivation to grow are a must.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Tradenomi), 210 credit points (ECTS)

Campus: Porvoo

There will be no intakes for Degree programme in International Sales ans Marketing.

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Alumni stories

Our studies on Porvoo Campus revolved around projects which were commissioned by real-life companies and from these projects I learned the most. I can't emphasize enough how much it matters motivation-wise to do work that has a purpose and gives the students a unique learning journey every time. The projects gave me excellent abilities to work in today's business world, where communication and team skills are essential to possess. From Porvoo Campus I made friends for life, got the best education I could imagine and the communication skills I could use in both personal and work life.

I actually got my current job as Brand Manager via a project I brought to our group of students. I also worked as Project Manager in that very project and after my exchange did my internship for them. At the moment I work for the same company and have noticed that even though I still have a lot to learn and am eager to do that, I already can manage rather well amongst the more experienced business professionals.

Emma Lehto
Brand Manager, Karlux Oy

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