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10 years of working together

10 years of working together

Haaga-Helia was formed at the beginning of 2007 with Finland’s first merger of institutions of higher education, as Helsinki Business Polytechnic and Haaga Institute Polytechnic joined forces. This means that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. 


Our roots are deep in entrepreneurship and working life. We educate sales-, service- and entrepreneurship-oriented specialists for the needs of companies. Haaga-Helia is one of Finland’s most clearly profiled universities of applied sciences and a pioneer in education exports. Pioneering and innovation in networks have been the cornerstones of our operations from the very beginning.

In our 10 years of operations, we have found our mission in an open door approach – we are opening the doors to working life. This reflects not only the opportunities provided by our studies and the high degree of employment of our students but also our dynamic co-operation with companies and keeping up with the times. We are enabling change in people, companies and the whole of society.

We will continue reinventing things by breaking the barriers between working life and institutions of higher education. In the future, higher education will most of all be about networking. Sharing one’s own learning is also an essential part of our staff’s development. We need skilled and enthusiastic employees to keep us going as effectively in the next decade, too.

 After working together for 10 years, we will continue our journey together. We will celebrate by working – come and join us!